Inspired by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s pronouncement, “What can be shown, cannot be said,” Logos Dance Collective employs movement and music to explore ideas that skirt the boundary between the expressible and the inexpressible, the linguistic and the nonlinguistic, the concrete and the abstract.

The collective, a fluctuating assemblage comprised of dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, designers, cartographers, and philosophers, rebels against disciplinary constraints as it investigates how ideas that are typically relegated to the ivory tower — ideas about the limits of human knowledge, the nature of consciousness, the moral and political repercussions of seeing the world from only one point of view, the beauty of mathematical equations — can be not only shown through dance, music and visual art, but also probed by creative processes that employ these mediums.

Academia excels at creating scholars that can fruitfully discuss exhilaratingly challenging topics, yet this exhilaration, in most cases, can only be felt by other scholars in the same narrow field. Logos Dance Collective aims to promote a dialogue between academics, artists, and the general public in an accessible format that speaks to the senses.